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Will Patreon Change How Creative People Make Money Online?

The Big News

Patreon is turning five, and in order to celebrate, Patreon's SEO Jack Conte decided to share what it was like at the company during its first year. Most people have no idea how their first office looked like, which of them was the messiest, who worked the hardest and so on. That's exactly what he talks about in the video he posted 2 days ago. He talks really fondly of his co-founder Sam, and how he worked round-the-clock to make sure everything's going according to plan and working properly. He gave himself fully to Patrion's mission and what they were working on.

Jack Conte believes that the world is changing so much and creative people are finally getting to that point where they are appreciated as much as other professions that contribute to the world. On Patreon's fifth birthday, he's more optimistic than he's ever been that creators are finally on track and compensated for their work and the value they give to this world.

He ends his video on an encouraging note. He has but one thing to say to all creators out there who aren't sure that it's possible to make money as a creator in this world, and that's a simple 4-word message: “the world is changing”. He's never been more optimistic about the future of creators and believes that his company will only keep changing and improving the ways people make money online.

About Patreon

If you're reading this article, chances are you're a creator as well. That's why you're probably aware of the struggle creators, particularly new creators face each day, struggling to make some extra money to fund their new project and keep their work going, and their dedicated fans happy and satisfied.

Well that's exactly where Patreon steps in. The platform is here to connect creative people to their fans and give their fans a chance to help out their favorite artists and creators by donating a few bucks per month in support of their videos, webcomics, songs or whatever it is they do.

Essentially, Patreon is a membership platform that allows creators to get paid for their creative work.

You, as an artist, provide some value to your fans, and in return they send a few bucks your way and help you succeed in whatever it is you're doing.

The platform is really popular among videographers, musicians, webcomic artists, podcasters, writes and all other kinds of artists who regularly post online.

Patreon helps connect these artists with their fans or patrons, as they're known on the platform and make it easier for creators to receive funding and keep their work going.

How Will Patreon Change the Way Creative People Make Money

Patreon is basically designed to look like a social network. It functions as a membership platform where creators and artists can set up their own profile, describe what their making, describe their work in a few words, or simply upload a video.

The next thing they need to do is set up “rewards” so that their patrons can get access to some patrons-only content, or an update that's only for patrons, or whatever it is they can think of.

Patreon's SEO Jack Conte had the idea for Patreon after working as an independent YouTube musician and realizing that he sometimes couldn't even cover the costs for the video he'd make, let alone make a profit, so he started thinking of other ways creators can make money, that didn't include running ads.

He was just devastated of the abuse that creative people are facing today, and wanted to make sure artists get a chance to make enough money to keep their work going, and what better way to do that than have fans or “patrons” help them out by donating as little as a dollar to their favorite artists.

“Don't expect to make any money as an artist.”

“That's not a real career.”

“Go get a real job.”

I'm sure we've all heard these sentences before. Luckily the world is changing and Jack Conte is very optimistic about the future of creative people. He wants to throw away the negativity and encourage artists to go out there and give it their best in order to succeed. A part of that success is often Patreon, and he for one can't be more pleased about it.

Patreon's numbers can confirm that.

Jack Conte believes that that Patreon is changing how creative people make money online and here's why:

He believes that this will become the norm, and a few years from now it will be much easier for people to make money from podcasts, photography, videos, webcomics or all else creative.

How to Be Successful with Patreon

If you're interested in what you read so far, and would like to know more about Patreon, and how you can profit from it, here are a few tips that could really help you out.

1. Set Realistic Goals4>

As you'd do with any other project or job you're working on, you need to set goals that will help motivate you but still clearly establish your end game. You need to be realistic about them and in that way you can allow your patrons to help you out.

The most important thing is to not only set realistic goals, but to be real with your fans in every way possible. You need to help them understand your needs; you need to let them know if you need new equipment or anything else like that. Don't be afraid to just say what you need, and what you want to achieve on Patreon. You need to be upfront with them, if you're looking at this as a full-time job and need to make enough money to quit your current job, so be honest with them and don't be afraid to share your thoughts and needs with them.

2. Be Committed4>

You shouldn't expect to start making tons of money right away and become a millionaire overnight. It takes some time to gain traction and start making money on Patreon. You need to be persistent and patient and not give up in the first few months. Give it some time and you'll hopefully start to see your following grow over time.

3. Offer Valuable Rewards4>

You need to make your supporters feel appreciated by offering them rewards and thanking them for the support you receive.

4. Post Regularly4>

Just as with any other profession, you need to make sure you post regularly and give your patrons what they want and expect from you.

5. Don't Promise Things You Can't Deliver4>

Some users offer incentives and special bonuses to their patrons if they meet a certain goal amount. You need to be careful when you're offering such incentives, though, as you need to make sure you can deliver on your promise and not let your most valuable patrons down.

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