PC Tattletale Parental Control Software review

PC Tattletale Parental Control Software Review

PC Tattletale Parental Control Software


PC Tattletale is among the leading adult control keeping track of software application on the planet.

Using this PC Tattletale, one can tape their kids's web and computer system activities.

PC Tattletale numerous exceptional functions when compared to comparable items or its rivals in the market.

It can practically tape anything in your kids's computer system and the activities carried out on that computer system.

At the minute they visit the recording begins and take screenshots and videos and monitor them at every phase.

All the online searches and web site gos to will be kept an eye on in the particular computer system utilizing this software application.

It has a distinct function ability of keeping track of the social networking habits of your kids.

It occasionally updates you that what your kids have actually published on their pages and websites or walls with pictures or videos.

The video games played in the particular desktop having PC Tattletale can likewise get submitted.

It examines what databases they have actually accessed, what spreadsheets they have actually utilized, and what programs they are presently utilizing.

A moms and dad can keep an eye on all downloaded files from the web and what are those files with particular information.

Features of PC Tattletale adult control software application:

The functions of PC Tattletale are as follows.

  1. No time limitation controls for monitoring your kids's computer system.
  2. Internet obstructing center is offered with PC Tattletale adult control.
  3. One can trigger the web filtering choice on the computer.
  4. Real-time chat tracking is possible in this software.
  5. It submits periodical activity reports to make them upgraded concerning their kids.
  6. Email informs choice is offered free of charge within this software application.
  7. One of the exceptional functions offered by the Tattletale was remote gain access to.
  8. You can avoid the downloading in the computer system with download obstructing function.
  9. Regularly the moms and dad user will get the predator informs.
  10. 10. The keystroke choice can be allowed by the moms and dad when needed.
  11. 11. It does not have a trial download choice, and you need to buy the complete software application for $49.95.

Benefits of PC Tattletale adult control software application:

The advantages of the PC Tattletale adult control software application are as follows.

  • PC Tattletale has a keylogger function that can keep an eye on all your kids's activities.
  • In date and time order, one can arrange the keystroke activities of their kids utilizing the login info of kids.
  • From the minute the kids visited to the computer system, a moms and dad can take the screenshots anytime.
  • Screenshots alternatives can be altered anytime according to your benefit.
  • Using this software application, a moms and dad can keep an eye on all uploads like image uploads and video uploads.
  • The copy of e-mails both sent out and gotten will get shown the moms and dad.
  • As it was a completely stealth ran software application, no kids can find this.


Monitoring your kids's activities will assist your kids to discover the great and leave the bad.

To make this, one ought to have this PC Tattletale software application with them.

I hope my info assisted you in making the right choice. Thank you a lot for reading this evaluation.

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