Make Money Online Fast Vs. Slow – There is a Legitimate Way

Make Money Online Fast Vs. Slow – There is a Legitimate Way

There are two types of people in this world.  Those that are willing to work towards something, and those that want everything Make Money FastNOW.   Well, actually, I think we all have a bit of the latter in us and that deep down inside when we are attempting to start a business online, we want to make money online fast.

There is a different reality though.  If you legitimately want to create a business online, it will take hard work, it will take persistence and it will take TIME (some would say it is slow).

How to Make Money Online Fast

There are many programs out there that make some pretty bold guarantees.   Make $1,000’s within your first couple of weeks.  Make $$$ in 30 days or I will pay you all of your money back.   Blah, blah, blah.

These programs attract those types that are “hopeful” of their success, those that want to earn money and the idea of doing it really fast gets them excited.  The problem is that in order to EARN MONEY SUPER DUPER FAST, you are either going to have to scam someone else into that very same idea by getting them to buy something off of you or you are going to have to sell people into a scheme.

There are many such programs online and they seem to be popping up everywhere, and often times getting shut down and thrown in jail by authorities.  Why?  Because they are:

(1) Making Outrageous Earnings Claims 

You see this just about everywhere these days.  People that boast MILLION DOLLAR DAYS or that sport a video of them riding around in their Ferrari, their big stacks of money in hand, and their fancy (and often times rented mansions).   These are the marketers that I categorize as the “outrageous” claims marketers.

They sell people on the idea of massive success, and RARELY will tell you what they are even selling….other than you need to buy their wares to achieve the same level of success as them.   They make the greasiest used car salesman look like an angel.

Here are some examples of what I mean:

(2) Running a ponzi/pyramid scheme

I know it sounds bad, and it is.  There are many ponzi and pyramid schemes out there these days in the MLM world and even some that claim they are “affiliate marketing” companies, but plain and simple they are just putting up the blinders and a big facade hiding what they are, A PYRAMID.

Pyramid schemes are illegal in most countries around the world.  The reason these companies don’t get caught all that often is because they shelter themselves, the stifle customer complaints, and they

(3) Requiring people to sell the same stuff they just bought

These are signs that you are choosing a technique that will lead you to “robbing” from your neighbour to build an income online.  Yes, you can make money fast when you sell people on the idea of hope and sell them on “overpriced” programs, but your success will be short-lived as you will run out of people that you can rip off.Pyramid Scheme Scams

Many so called “MLM’s” are trying to present themselves in a way that they are legitimate, but the reality is that in order to recoup your money that you have spent on the program, you are required to get others to invest in it (the same way that you have).

These sorts of programs come and go and one of the most recent ones that I wrote about was Banners Broker, which was ultimately shut down and the founders of this program were both arrested and are currently serving jail time.   These sorts of programs are constantly popping up online and they tend to claim “massive opportunity” or “massive commissions” without really telling you what you will be doing (until you have invested into the program already).

Be careful.  These programs are illegal in most parts of the world and once they gain traction, they are usually taken out by the FTC/SEC or legal authorities.

(4) Spamming. 

Plain old spamming.  Email spam.  Comment spam.  Spamming social media.  Spamming you through the phone. Spamming you through the mail.

These are effective, unsolicited ways that people are constantly doing to scam people out of their money.  There are many of these taking place online, in particular within the domain, SEO and coaching spaces.  If you buy a domain (your own .com domain for example) and you leave your private details open, you are almost guaranteed to get at least one phone call, email and mail spam promoting a variety of products and services to you, many of which are very deceitful.

I recently voiced my concerns about this form of solicitation with a domain scam that is going around.

(5) Tricking the Newbie. 

People that are new to something are the most vulnerable.  If you told me that I could jump 3 feet higher if I wore these special shoes that make you stand on your tippy toes, then I probably wouldn’t believe you.  I have spent years playing basketball and I have a good deal of experience when it comes to “vertical leap” training.  But if I was just getting started and I wanted to try to gain an upper hand by being able to jump higher,  I would probably spend my $300-400 on these special shoes (only to be disappointed).

The problem when a newbie gets ripped off is that they feel like they were the dumb one.  “How could I have fallen for this?”.  It is quite embarrassing and within the make money and opportunity world, people often times just go on their way instead of actually reporting scams/schemes to the FTC or otherwise.

OK, enough of the bad news.  There is good news that can come of all of this and that is some REAL, ethical ways in which you can build a business online.

How to Make Money Online Legitimately (HINT: It’s a Business)

There are truly are very legitimate and ethical ways to make money online.  Chances are if you have been involved in the “opportunity” world for any amount of time, you have likely been in contact with one or more of the “make money fast” scams I have mentioned above.

There is hope though and I am going to walk you through the process of building a “business” online.  Making money online faster than in conventional offline businesses is a reality.  In fact, the time in which it takes to create a business online is minimal compare to an offline world and the costs of starting a business are less than a few hundred dollars.

Yes, you read that correctly.  You don’t need to spend $1,000’s on education, tools, websites, hosting, lead generators, traffic, etc to create, grow and manage a very successful business online.

To give you a few directions, I am going to give you 5 of the best ways in which you can make money online.

Way #1: Make Money Building Niche Websites

People always ask me, what is the starting point of a business online.  The answer: A NICHE.  A niche is an audience or a group of people interested in something.  This could be anything, from “how to train dog how to race”, to “football snack helmets” to “making money online”.

There are literally millions of niches and the playing field is level for any one of us to enter to any niche within the online world and carve out a very successful business online.  This is one of the fundamental business models that we teach at Wealthy Affiliate and it is a business that can take shape rather quickly (in a few months time).

The process in a nutshell looks like this:

(1) Choose a niche
(2) Build a website
(3) Building out content on your website (that leads to rankings/traffic)
(4) Monetize your traffic (the make $$ part)

The cost of entry:  Less than $100 and you don’t need any experience.
Recommended Training:

Way #2: Make Money Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a business model that allow you to promote millions of products and services online without having to (a) purchase the products (b) house inventory (c) deal with any product support.  It is a brilliant model and a very high percentage of every transaction online is affiliate marketing based.

When you join an affiliate program, you are given special links that are unique to you.  Your goal as an affiliate marketer is then to drive sales to this company through your link.  If you do, they will split the revenue for you on a commissioned basis, ranging anywhere from 1% to 75% depending on the affiliate program.

There are no costs to joining legitimate affiliate programs.

The Affiliate Marketing model for making money online works really well in combination with niche websites.  On your niche websites you can take advantage of as many affiliate programs as you like and build out a business a potentially VAST revenue stream in the process.

The cost of entry:  Less than $100 and you don’t need any experience.
Recommended Training:

Way #3: Make Money Selling Digital Products

There are several platforms out there that allow you to create and sell digital products.  These range from platforms like Clickbank where you can sell your own ebooks and how to guides, to the likes of Amazon where you can sell your own ebooks through the Kindle network.

As many niches as there are (millions) there are as many opportunities selling digital products within those spaces.  The beautiful thing about selling anything “digital” is that you create it once and there are no additional costs for delivering the product or service after the initial expenses of creation.  You could sell the same ebook or the same digital course a million times and the delivery of this won’t cost you anything (that is, it is all profit).

The cost of entry:  Less than $150 and you don’t need any experience.
Recommended Platforms:,

Way #4 Make Money Selling on eBay

Lots of people are hoarders, have product inventory, or are into drop shipping.  Mediums like eBay can facilitate this type of business and you can sell anything you like on eBay.

So if you have household items that you would like to sell and make money from or you have access to inventory of a particular product, then eBay can be a viable option of making money online.  If you are selling a TV or some old clothing on eBay, obviously you are not building an actual business (rather just “spot” income), so if you are going to create a business within the eBay space you will need inventory of products to sell in scale.

The cost of entry:  Have some of your own products, fees associated with selling on eBay (less than few dollars first couple of items)
Recommended Platforms:

Way #5: Make Money Freelancing

The only problem with this business model is that your success is tied directly to how much time you have.  You only have so much time in a day to apply to your freelancing gigs, therefore once your time has been maxed out, your earning potential does.

There are many platforms out there in which you can offer your services, whether you are computer programmer, a writer/author, graphic designer, SEO expert, or otherwise.  There are 1,000’s of potential tasks/jobs that can make money online through freelancing gigs.

Some of the top “gig” style platforms for this are:

  • Amazon Mechanical Turk

This is a good way to make money online, but you are in essence a hired “worker” or “contractor”, rather than being a business owner.  A big difference, but it is indisputable that you can earn a good living doing so.

The cost of entry:  Free, fees taken by freelancing sites based on completed gigs.
Recommended Platforms:

There you have it, a walk through of making money “fast” within the online world versus making money a bit slower (and more ethically).  There are many directions you can head within the online world, lots of products popping up claiming to be the next best thing (and often times nothing more than another shiny object), and lots of companies that are in the business of making money, not actually helping you out.

If a product claims that it will make you money overnight, question it.  It is likely going to encourage you to do something that might be outside of your realm and ethics.  If you want to create a proper business, there is a proper path to doing so and I will be more than happy to help you out if you ever want to create an ethical, fun, long term business.

If you have any questions about making money online or experiences to share, I would love to hear your feedback below.

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