Make Money Online by Starting a Free Blog in 2018

Make Money Online by Starting a Free Blog in 2018

How to make money online by blogging, without any expense?

You might have thought that it is not possible to make a profit without spending anything. But the truth is, its possible. We could make a handful of money without even spending a penny. Before we get into the actual content just keep in mind that blogging is not just a hobby, time pass or anything like that, Blogging is an actual business. Here contents are your products and audiences are your customers. We all know that a great business leads us to bigger profits. So why can’t you make money online by blogging? I would be telling the best possible way to make money online without spending a penny from your pocket.

Which Platform is Free and Best for You?

There are many free blogging platforms which could help you to make money online. These platforms have a lot of defects too. But the best free platform that comes out with more features is Blogger. Blogger is owned by Google and this makes it more interesting. Using blogger you could be free from security thoughts because google manages your site’s security. Still, since you don’t have access to the hosting and cPanel etc you would be limited to the features that you could get with a self-hosted WordPress. Check this post to know more about Blogger and its features.

How to set up a website/blog at blogger?

Let’s see how you could set up a website/blog on blogger. Blogger is the easiest platform. You could create awesome looking websites with it. There are a lot of themes (free/paid) available for blogger. Even if you don’t have any technical knowledge you could make a blog at blogger.

Steps to create a new blog :

That’s all for creating a new blog at blogger. Now you could start posting your posts and make your website content rich. Create proper pages like About, Contact, Policy Privacy etc. Now that you have done creating a new website, Let’s take a look at the ways to make money from your blog.

How to Make Money from your Blog?

When it comes to earning Adsense is the best choice. You could earn a good amount of money even when you are having low traffic. You could get approved for Adsense easily if you follow these tips that we have provided in our post: Approved ways to Earn Money online.

There are chances for you not to get approved by Adsense. Don’t worry there are many ways by which you could make money and one of them is Affiliate Marketing. This is a good way for earning for someone having a good niche website. Yes, you website niche and traffic does matter a lot when it comes to affiliate marketing. Some of the best affiliates are been listed below.

How to make money in mixed niche blogs?

Mixed niche bloggers have a very tough time in earning money from their blogs. So if you are a mixed niche blogger I would prefer you CPM advertisements. By using this type of advertisements you could make money for every impression. Some of the best CPM advertising networks have been listed below.

So start a free blog and make money online from today on wards. Keep in mind that blogging is not just a hobby or a timepass it’s a Business and a business will have losses and gains. Do your part and work hard you could definitely be the best business man.

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