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One of the most important aspects of any affiliate marketing campaign is the mailing list. List building is the first thing that any beginner should focus on, and it’s something that every established marketer should revisit.

Why Build a List

List building involves gathering the names and email addresses for people who may be interested in your product. It is not always essential to build a list (some time-sensitive purchases do not lend themselves to list-based marketing), but for many niches it is incredibly effective.

Once you have your list, you can use it to send emails to those prospective customers. If you are targeting keywords that indicate buyer intent – such as “Buy X Item”, then you have a good chance of turning those visitors into customers. The first time they visit your website, you are essentially trying to make a cold sale.  Each time the visitor sees an email from you after that, and returns to your website, you are building familiarity and getting closer to making a sale.

Growing Your List

To grow your mailing list, place subscription forms on your squeeze page, and also at the bottom of each page on your blog. Using multiple triggers will increase the chances of your readers subscribing, it will also make it easier to subscribe as the readers will not have to browse your website for a long time to find the box.

Give readers a reason to subscribe.  That reason could be a special offer, a free ebook, or a free weekly ecourse. Experiment with different incentives and squeeze page designs until you figure out what converts best for you. You can also give your readers a subscription gift.

Tips for Increasing Conversions

Monetizing your list requires combining good content with effective calls to action.  Each mail that you send has to be interesting, timely and relevant. If you go overboard on marketing messages, you will annoy your readers and make them want to unsubscribe from your list.  If you provide them with good content, they will read it – but they won’t do anything else unless you provide them with a clear call to action.

Don’t try to sell something in every single mail.  Occasionally, send a small freebie or special offer to your subscribers.  The gift could be something simple, such as a PLR ebook or some discount codes.  If you sell software, you could give away copies of an older version. Even small gifts will build a lot of goodwill. The free gifts will keep the readers interested, and make them more receptive to your future promotional messages.

You should only send messages to people who have opted in to your list.  Running a double opt-in list (where people request registration, then click a link to confirm) is best.  Make it easy for people to unsubscribe or suspend their subscription. Never send unsolicited emails.  Many countries have laws governing spam, and most web hosts and email providers will ban your account if you are found to be acting unethically.

List Swapping

You can try list swapping with someone you’re familiar with. List swapping is basically where you send an e- mail to your marketing list someone else’s product and in return that person will send their marketing list your product. The crucial thing is who you’re list swapping with, ensure the person you list swap with has a similar quality marketing list as otherwise you will not be gaining much return. Here are a few sites where you could connect to others that are looking to grow their list:

List building is a crucial part of affiliate marketing.  If you build your lists well you can cross-promote and sell related products to your subscribers, greatly increasing your long-term profits.

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