If there is a question I get asked a lot by my blog subscribers and followers, it is the question of ‘how do I make money online’.

In some cases, some even go ahead to add – ‘without spending money‘.

You see, many people usually think when you are talking about making money online, you are talking of something that is totally out of their reach. As if online businesses are reserved for the high tech guys who know about programming, computer, graphics and so on. 

In simple terms, if you already have a skill which you get paid for offline, you can use the same skill online to make even more money without it affecting your offline runs. The question you may want to ask me next will then be – HOW? 

In reality, this is not so. Especially for people who already have a skill they can trade for money. What determines whether you can make money online or not is not your knowledge of computer or technology. It is whether you have something valuable that you can give in exchange for people’s money.  

Answering this is why I have made this new video presentation where I explain in details the steps you need to follow to make money online with the skill you already have. 

Are you a nurse, an accountant, a teacher, a mechanic, a lawyer, a doctor? Whoever you are, that service you already render to get paid by people, you can do the same online to reach more people and make more money.

It does not matter what the skill is, watch the presentation first and come back to tell me if it does not help you open your mind to possibilities and opportunities to make more money with your skill. 

For those who think they do not have any skill to trade for money – for example; students, full housewives, non-graduates and uneducated people and so on. I have a good news for you and the news is that I have also explained in the video different ways to come up with ideas you can monetize and make money with using the power of the internet.

For those who will be thinking – ‘only if this guy understands how difficult it will be for my kind of skill or profession to be done via the internet’ – I challenge you to watch the video and see whether you still think like that after watching it.

You do not have any new thing to learn. You don’t have any e-book to buy or software or seminar to attend. All you need NOW is yourself which you have got. 

If you have read any of my e-books or you have attended or seen any of my trainings before, you will know how well I make those things that seem difficult to be so simple when it comes to online money making. 

Watch the video now and let me know if you need any help further. 

Use the comment box below the video (on Youtube) or the comment box below this write-up here to reach out to me. I will surely respond to you. 

Stay focused and never give up!

Plan B 

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