How Make Money Online. Learn the Real Way |

How Make Money Online. Learn the Real Way |

How to Make Money Online The Real Way

Learn some of the best ways to make money online this year and prepare yourself to leave your cubicle! This isn’t a “get rich quick” blog or how to make money online fast article. Not even a make money online without investment article.

These are legitimate ways to make money online where time & sometimes money will be needed.

For me, I traveled and worked online full-time for months.  While I was out of the U.S. and traveling the world, I was asked countless times how is it possible?

What can I do to be “location independent” and make money online?!

This quick article is going to go over different opportunities to make money online;

The answer isn’t so simple and for most people I have met, (including myself) are doing a handful of tasks to ensure they can sustain and even save on their travels around the world. Sounds nice, right? Traveling the world, working and even saving? It is very possible, but, be prepared to learn and work for it.

The next question asked is usually, “Rob, if I don’t have any “digital” skills, how can I still make money online?”

Here’s the Deal;

During my travels, I have become inspired by countless people on ways to make a living online. Some I knew, others I did not know even existed. I am excited to share the best ways I have seen for how to make money online! Below is the list I have aggregated from my discussions with countless digital nomads & location independent entrepreneurs on how people are making money online and traveling the world doing so. My experiences with each and, how you can possibly translate your skills to an online asset.

So without further ado, let the listicle begin and the inspirational flow!

1 – Dropshipping – Small Investment and startup cost that can result in learning more than you ever imagined!

I recently wrote an entire article about what dropshipping is but, to simply put it, dropshipping is one of the most common forms of eCommerce.

With low barriers to entry it makes this form of online income a double-edged sword. With more people than ever jumping into this channel of online income, the field has become more saturated leaving it slightly harder to getting you that full-time income you desire.

I have been dropshipping for two years now and can say it has led me to learn more than any other avenue listed below about running a proper business, online marketing, SEO, AdWords excel, cold call selling and more.

One thing I would like to note, and this one is important. Many people talk about dropshipping as a form of “passive income” and I am here break that myth.

Dropshipping is not a passive income stream initially by any means. If anything, this revenue stream may be the one that gives you the most work load of them all. You will be working with customer support, email responses, social channel engagements, setting up ads and, handling inventories, uploading products and customizing your store constantly.

Now, don’t let me scare you out of it either, because you do learn how to do it all if you take the proper training and courses. You can have a store up in 60 minutes or less if you wanted. I wrote a comprehensive guide on how to set up a Shopify store that once done, you’ll have your very own store! Message me if you have any further questions.

2 – Kindle Publishing

Yes, people are earning a living off making Amazon Kindle Publishing. Not sure what a Kindle Book is? Take a look at what Kindle eBooksir?t=digit0e3 20&l=ur2&o=1&camp=1789 are to help you understand.

Now you may be stating, Rob, I am no author, I can barely spell my name how am I going to write a book!? 

Well, welcome to the world of outsourcing. Remember that article I wrote about outsourcing (link here), yes, you can even get an entire eBook written for you as well.


The majority of people I have met along the way have been doing exactly that. Having “ghostwriters,” write the entire book for them and launch across Amazon Kindle Publishing once it’s complete.

With more people than ever reading from their phones or smart devices, eBooks are the next best thing in the world of reading.  

Maybe it’s time for you to try and become a published author!

3 – FBA or Fulfillment By Amazon

FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon is another alternative to selling products online. Simply put, you purchase a quantity of products and have them shipped to Amazons ridiculously large fulfillment center for them to fulfill all your orders.

Your job?

-Find the “right” product to sell

-Create an amazon merchant account

-Source a product

-Alter product to make it unique – send test products to yourself

-Purchase the products ahead of time (in bulk normally)

-Ship those ordered products to Amazon

-Have your products listed on Amazon

What I want to say here though is, FBA is not for the person that doesn’t have extra income to spend.

This is an investment first that can flourish to a business second.


You have to purchase all your inventory upfront and depending on the quantity and the cost of your product, you can expect to have a startup cost in the thousands rather than the hundreds like dropshipping.

Either way, I’ve met people along the way that are absolutely crushing it on Amazon and making a full-time income doing so.

4 – Freelancing / Consulting – Bring your skills to the people who need them and have them pay you!

People all over the world, are being hired as freelancers and consultants!


This is one of the fastest ways to get started online. This is even easier if you already have a skill that can easily be transitioned to online.

You may be asking, well Rob, I literally have no skills that are from behind my laptop, what can I do to make money online?

Easy, everyone has a skillset.

You aren’t worthless.

You are alive and reading this blog right now.

You aren’t on the streets or starving because you have no tangible skills in life.

Figure out how you can get your skills online and sell them.


Photographers. You literally can not do your job behind a desktop, but, what you can do is sell your services online to customers that are looking for them.

You are now a freelancing online photographer.

Consulting on the other hand is basically offering guidance to a company or someone in need.

There are many financial consultants and marketing consultants. There are also tons of resources online to find these jobs or resources. Again, this would tie into my blog about freelancing and outsourcing.

I have been freelancing my skills for years now and it  has been quite the journey. Working from small companies and entrepreneurs like myself that do not have the time to scale certain aspects to major companies such as TLC and the Discovery Channel.

I currently handle  Social Media Management Growth strategies, an example being an “engagement agency”. I’ll go about liking, commenting, following and unfollowing for companies that do not have the time to do so. Some pay extra and I handle majority of their account. Or, creating optimized Pinterest pages for people and businesses.

It gets better;

I’ve made over $1,000 in a month generating lists of hashtags for people. Yes, I am not joking!

I also build Shopify stores for people starting out or for experts who don’t have the time.

Think of what you enjoy and are good at, and see how you can bring it online!

PRO TIP: Time is the most valuable commodity in the world. Ensure you know the value of your time and then sell what you are able to do for others. Believe it or not, not everyone knows everything that you know. And people are willing to pay you for the knowledge and expertise you may have.

5 – Teaching English 

For many travelers I have met abroad, they are teachers online.

There is a HUGE demand for online English teachers. Yes, people teach English from a webcam to kids all over the world. The main sites such as VIPKid are mainly children in China.

The process of getting into these programs can be slightly difficult and, you may need to grab extra certificates to get approved as well, however; I have heard it was quite easy for many people as well.

The interview process is a multiple round process you have to go through. So ensure you do proper research on the best ways to get into a program like VIPKid for example prior to heading into your first round.

If making upwards of $18/hr teaching children English online sounds appealing to you, I would suggest looking into VIPKid for I have nothing short of great things about this program.

If you are looking to make a solid income while building your online career and, still working remotely, this is a very good option for you.

6 – Affiliate Marketing

Another route to making money online is through Affilaite Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is simply when you refer a customer to another business that results in a sale. If a customer does end up purchasing, you will end up receiving a commission based off your referral.

What’s great about affiliate marketing?

You do not need to create or sell any product. You are guiding potential customers, readers and, viewers alike to products that you stand behind and enjoy yourself.

You can benefit from someone else’s product while you both make money from each sale and supply helpful information to your audience that may be in need.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to  keep an ethical stance on this channel of revenue, for you can easily be looked at as a “spammer” if you do not promote properly. It is easy to go about your site setting affiliate links on any word or any photo, but; that is not what I do here. i only promote products and services that I have used, or have heard nothing but positive remarks about from trusted colleagues.

7 – Website Flipping

Buy low sell high.

Nope, not talking about stocks, but with websites.

There is a whole marketplace for anyone looking to get involved with online businesses that have prebuilt sites ready for sale.

Sites, like have sites ready for sale and with a keen eye, you are able to grab some at a low cost, slightly improve them and then sell for a drastically higher price.

The Key?

Buy a site that you know you can add value too and increase the traffic too. Thus when you are ready to flip it, you are then going to be eligible to sell it at a much higher sale.

8 – Start Your Own Social Channels

It is time for creating and scaling a social channel. Once you have a well positioned social channel with a fair amount of followers and great engagement you have a few different ways to monetize all this.

Let’s go through the basics below;

Instagram – Create a niched down Instagram account. Grow your follower base and increase your average engagement ratio.

Once you have a solid foundation, you are able to take two paths.

One; have companies pay you to post on your account. This is called a “Shout Out”. Sites like ShoutCart are a prime example of what I mean.

Second; combine affiliate marketing with the single link you are eligible to put on your Instagram account. Point all your traffic to that link. I am thinking of creating an Instagram course on these subjects.

If that sounds appealing to you, comment below!

YouTube – Again, create a niched YouTube channel. The more people who watch your videos, the more you can earn from YouTube without any work aside from making the videos.

The second option for YouTube is again, include all videos with your affiliate links within the description. This can be done along with option one, so try and blend the two together. Make review videos and have the affiliate link in the description.

9 – Create a Course! Share Your Knowledge to the World!

With the internet, you can learn anything. People are starting to put 2 & 2 together and figuring this out. So for everything we want to learn, someone has to be out there teach you.

Site’s like are offering these courses to the world. You can learn almost anything from How to declutter your bedroom to Learning to Hack to Extracting Emails with Search Engines.

Now as you can see, people want to learn some wild topics! What makes what you know any different? There’s even a course on how to make a course on Udemy.

So don’t say you don’t know how to make a course! Learn and replicate for yourself!

I’ve met a serial entrepreneur that took his method of making money online, made a course on it and is now generating over $100k/year from it.

Start with a topic you are passionate about and go for it!

Even if you start with something small.

Get the process down, get comfortable in front of a camera and once you learn the basics, make a course that can potentially be a real money maker.

PRO TIP: Research what you may make a course about. See what is already available. Figure out how you can add more value. Utilize a title that is similar to the best seller with your own twist and launch.

If you are still saying, “Rob, I still don’t think I can do it.” PLEASE find me on any of my social channels and message me. Head over to my contact page and email me.

NO, I normally do not coach or mentor aspiring entrepreneurs, however; I wish I had a mentor when starting so I will gladly be that person for you. As with anything in life, this won’t be free (because again, I value my time) but I think a consultation email chain or Skype call could do wonders  as well!

Thanks for reading and, all the best,

If you want to really show some love, take a look at my Instagram

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