Best Genius Ways to Make Money Online in 2019 | M.A. Khan

Best Genius Ways to Make Money Online in 2019 | M.A. Khan

It is no secret that more and more people can live well from their online earnings. I too earn most of my income online.


That’s exactly what I want to show you in this detailed guide to online money making. In addition to various options, I also present you with strategies that you can permanently provide for a passive income.

If you do not know exactly what is meant by passive income, do not worry, you will find out all about it here.

Those who wait long do not earn money online, so let’s start right.

Earn money online: You should pay attention

You are tired of doing your monotonous job every day and would rather do your job comfortably from home or even on the go?

Your pension is not enough and you want to easily make money on the Internet to earn? Or you are stuck in unemployment and want to take care of your career?

If you know one of these situations, you should not wait any longer for the supposedly “right” time but start NOW. Because right now is the right time to make money on the Internet.

Before you finally start, you should definitely earn my tips on making money on the Internet. This is very fast but saves you unnecessary trouble.

As in real life, lurking in the anonymity of the Internet, many fraudsters. Promises someone without much work 200-500$ / day to be able to earn legally and quickly online, you should be noisy. Nobody will give you 200 $ on the internet without you doing too much.

Also, you should keep your fingers off portals that charge a high monthly fee to get into a database or similar to making money online. These sums you get out with homework only in the rarest cases out again, so you have earned despite working no money online.

This does not mean that you have to avoid portals for online money, which require a small registration fee. This is quite common since of course there is usually a larger company behind, the staff costs, etc. have to carry. If you are unsure whether the portal to earn money online is serious, always look at the imprint. Can you find a real address, a telephone number, and a contact can not go much wrong? It can also be helpful to just google the company. As a rule, negative experiences spread quickly.

However, you can only make money from home successfully if you follow a few rules. These are rules that you should set up for yourself:

Do you have a permanent job? Do not give it up so fast!


Because you can not start from 0 to 100. If you earn 200 $ in a week, that does not mean that it has to be this way in the next week.

If you really want to earn your income on the internet full-time, you should quit your job at the earliest when you’ve spent a few months generating an income that you can live on.

Variants to make money online

Of course, there is not only one way to make money on the Internet, but you can divide all methods into two income categories:

But where is the difference and what is the right method for you? That is exactly what we will discuss here.

What does active income mean?

With the active income, you have to actively work for your money. This can be done on the Internet, for example via e.g. Micro jobs. These are smaller tasks that you find on appropriate platforms that are usually done for a fixed price.

An active income on the internet is basically the same as when you go to work. Because even here you get a wage or a salary for a specific work you perform.

What does passive income mean?

Passive income is about generating income for which you do not have to work directly. But I do not want to say that you have nothing to do for your income. On the contrary: behind a passive income is a lot of work and especially in advance.

It’s not like you do a job and then gets cash immediately. As a rule, you have to invest a lot of time until your project starts to bear fruit.

You should now ask yourself what your goal is. If you want to earn money quickly and in between, then variants for making money online from the field of active income would be something for you.

But if you do not want to constantly have to work for your money and continue making money online, traveling or spending time with your family, passive income is the right option for you. If you want to learn more about the passive income you can also click here.

Actively earn money online

First, let’s start with the methods of earning active money. The advantages:

Where there are advantages, there are of course disadvantages that would be there:

If you want to earn some money relatively quickly and do not be afraid to do something about it, then the methods to earn active money are the right ones for you. I have divided all possibilities into different categories, for example, “Micro jobs”, “Social Media” or “Tests, Surveys & Ratings”.

Within these categories, I would like to introduce you to various possibilities. I have also evaluated all options for you on the basis of the effort and earning potential. Here I want to show what rating means what:

Average revenue

Please note: All information refers to the average. Of course, an activity can take longer or shorter and can also be paid better or worse depending on the assignment. The average revenue refers to once done tasks.

Micro Jobs

The trend of micro jobs is slowly conquering. One can earn money online with smaller tasks such as proofreading of texts, with smaller or sometimes larger tasks in the field of graphic design, with research and also with the translation of texts.

Earn money online with correct texts

Earn money online with correct textsIf you are fit in spelling and grammar, correcting texts can be a nice side job for you. In addition to the excellent knowledge of spelling and grammar proofing and the ability to concentrate is very important, because even very long texts must be carefully checked line by line.

Proofreading should not be confused with proofreading. Even though the two activities are closely related, proofreading is really just a matter of mending mistakes, while an editor also looks at the sentence structure and corrects it if necessary.

The online earning opportunities for proofreading are very different. Often a page price or a flat rate is agreed. The exact price always depends on the complexity of a text. For simple texts for a website or an online shop, the pay is usually lower than for scientific clients.

Translate online texts

Translate online textsIf you master a foreign language very well or if you are even bilingual, the job as a translator could be interesting for you. As with proofreading, orders vary greatly in their effort. Sometimes only short texts for a website are to be translated, but it can also be whole books.

The earning potential of making money online through translation depends not only on the size of the text but also on supply and demand. Especially for translations from Spanish to English or vice versa, there are many translators. Therefore, the pay is usually lower here. This is different if you can translate into or from a lesser-used spoken language.

For example, you can find such jobs on but you can also find suitable offers on platforms such as Freelancer or Upwork.

Data and address acquisition

Data and address acquisitionAt irregular intervals, data still has to be collected manually in companies. That’s why companies usually do not hire employees but outsource this work.

When entering data and addresses, you have the task of entering the data of business cards, notes or sweepstakes according to the company’s specifications, for example in an Excel file.

Usually, a fixed price is agreed for this work beforehand. The faster you can work, the higher your hourly wage. With such tasks, however, care is always needed. Especially if one hopes to get future orders from this company you should make no mistake.

Make money from Copywriting at home

Make money from Copywriting at homeWhether a short contribution to a blog or a guide – the job opportunities of copywriters on the Internet is very extensive. Writing texts is one of the most popular home works because except for a PC, you do not need anything else to do this work. Of course, you should have a certain talent for writing, like reading in different topics and of course mastering spelling and grammar.

Depending on the text size, target group and topic, the effort is very different. For one of the most popular textbooks, Textbroker, prices vary from 1.3 cents per word to 6.5 cents per word, depending on the quality of the text.

Become a Flight Expert

Become a Flight ExpertEspecially cheap and quick to get to the destination – that is exactly the goal of many air travelers. While ours would probably simply rely on the well-known flight search engines, real professionals will create a search by Flightfox for a flight search.

The task of the flight experts is to search the Internet for the best price. Often you can find offers from other experts in the search ads. Of course, you should undercut this, because only if your flight is taken, you will also receive a commission. The amount of the commission is always dependent on the fare. Usually, this is between $ 30 and $ 200.

Making money online with internet research

Making money online with internet researchIn fact, one can earn money with it, to search the Internet for information. Often you have to research, for example, addresses or locations. Basically, you do not need much previous knowledge for this homework. Only secure use of the Internet is required.

The effort and earning possibilities are very different. The faster and better you can research, the higher the average hourly wage will be, since fixed prices are generally agreed upon for such jobs.

Making money from home as a Freelancer

Making money from home as a FreelancerFreelancer is basically the generic term for a freelancer. As a freelancer, you can work in a wide variety of industries. Among other things, the work as a freelance copywriter under the term “Freelancer”. The advantage of being a freelancer is that you can work quite flexible. But of course, you have to take care of your own orders. Of course, if you do not have a job, you can not make any money.

As different as the projects as a freelancer are is the payment. Just as in a “normal” job, the payment depends of course on the claim of the project, but also on the extent.

Tests, Polls & Ratings

Making money online with surveys, tests or reviews seems a pretty easy option at first glance. Especially with reviews, but often counted by the number of clicks, so that a high-quality rating for you in the truest sense of the word can pay off.

Earn cash by Viewing, Commenting and Rating promotional videos

Viewing, Commenting and Rating promotional videosThere are platforms that pay you to watch, review or comment on advertising. This varies from platform to platform. Sounds like easy money, right?

The problem with this technique, however, is that the yield is very low. For each ad, you usually get only a few cents. So until you have a little pocket money together, you have to look at a lot of ads.

Make money on the internet with reviews

Make money on the internet with reviewsSome major shopping portals give users the opportunity to earn money with reviews. In general, this is done in such a way that you create a high-quality rating (which sometimes has to comply with certain requirements) and you will receive a corresponding fee per click or per reaction.

Again, the earnings per click, however, move in the cent amounts. So you can not earn a lot of money. Do you like to write anyway and regular product reviews, this method can still be worth it for you, because a euro is better than none, right?

The positive thing about this method is that you are generating some kind of passive income. Once a rating has been created, you really do not have to change anything. Depending on which product you rated is a possible income but only for a short time. Especially electrical appliances are very fast-paced, so that a rating is no longer worth it, as soon as a new version of the product comes on the market.

Make money online with Surveys as a side job

Make money online with Surveys as a side jobTo be paid for one’s own opinion? This is done with paid surveys on the Internet quite quickly and easily. The advantage is that you really only have to give some information and you have already earned a few Bucks.

The earning opportunities are in paid surveys but rather in the pocket money area. Depending on the scope of a survey, between 2 and 6 dollars are possible.

Making money from home as a Product Tester

Making money from home as a Product TesterAs a product tester, you usually receive selected products, which you then have to test extensively and write down your opinion in writing. Sounds like a dream job, right? The range of products to be tested is long. From electrical appliances to food or cosmetics, almost everything is possible.

But as different as the products is the remuneration. Not always a product test is rewarded with money. Sometimes you also have the option to keep the product or you can choose from selected rewards.

Whether a product test really pays off financially depends on the product, because the test rooms are completely different. While food is often just about the taste and the test is done in just a few minutes, there may be tests in which a product must be tested over a longer period of time.

Become a Game Tester

Become a Game TesterAs a game tester, you do not have the task of simply playing a game and telling developers what you think. Rather, it’s about finding bugs, logical and content errors and technical issues. With relaxed gambling, the job as a game tester does not necessarily have anything to do.

To work as a game tester, you usually have to apply directly to the manufacturer if such vacancies are advertised. But that does not mean that you are taken, because Game Tester is a very popular side job.

The earning possibilities are also very different here. Some companies are looking for game testers who test a game for free. Especially at the beginning, you should consider that anyway. This will allow you to gain experience and increase your chance of getting paid game tester jobs. Here then the hourly wage is between about 6 and 10 $.

As usability testers simply make money

As usability testers simply make moneyYour task as a usability tester is to test products for their ease of use. Often these are not physical products, but digital products like apps, websites or programs.

For a usability test, you usually only need a PC and an Internet connection. You probably do not need any previous knowledge, because for the developers it is important to know how people react to the user interface without knowing the app or the program. So the customer really wants to know how completely “normal” people can handle the product.

The usability test is not just about evaluating usability, but also tracking down any errors. For this to succeed, a concentrated way of working is very important.

The compensation for such tests varies greatly and is mainly related to the size of the product being tested. Often, fixed compensation is used here, which is around $ 20 for products in the normal range. But there are also usability tests where you are paid by the hour.

Earn money online through Lotteries

Earn money online through LotteriesThere is the opportunity to earn money through raffle participation. To do so, simply sign up for a free raffle and not only have the chance to win prizes but also earn a little pocket money for each entry.

For companies, competitions are always a good way to advertise and at the same time build your own e-mail list. E-mail contacts are very valuable for companies, so they try not only to attract participants with great prizes, but also with a small fee.

The earning potential is not very high here. Mostly you will only get a few cents per sweepstake, sometimes it can be one euro. So to get small pocket money, you have to participate in some sweepstakes. Nevertheless, you should not forget the chances of winning here. Because of course you always have the opportunity to clear a price.

Extra income through Cashback Portals

Extra income through Cashback PortalsCashback means “reimbursement“. Here you earn money, but only if you also spend money.

To participate in a cashback program, you must first sign up for a cashback portal, such as If you want to buy something in an online shop, you have to call it up via the link of your cashback portal. If you buy something in this shop, the Cashback Portal receives a commission. Basically, this portal acts as an affiliate here. This fee then passes the cashback portal on to you in part and you can earn cash with your purchase.

Social media

You can also make money on social media. You can become active here as a producer of content, such as videos, and earn money online, but you can also make sure that advertisers’ content spreads through social media portals, thus improving your income. All you need is usually your own social media profile.

Make money with Youtube

Make money with YoutubeYoutube has now developed into a business that can be used by successful Youtuber to generate income in the millions. But what do youtube actually get any money for?

Directly via Youtube one earns by the Affiliate program money. This places ads in front of or in your video. For every call of your video + advertisement, you get money well written. The earning possibilities are rather low here. The average here is about 1 – 2 dollar per 1000 video views. So if you want to earn your income, you need a lot of views.

But there is also the possibility to earn money on Youtube through affiliate links. You can, for example, publish a product test and place an affiliate link in the video description for this product. Also the s.g. Product placement is a popular source of revenue on Youtube.

The revenue depends so much on the number of views, but the cost of creating a video is always high. Therefore, you should consider for yourself if it’s worth it.

Content Seeding as a side job

Content Seeding as a side jobEven with the “distribution” of content can be earned on the Internet money. This often involves spreading a page on Facebook. It is, for example, funny posts but also competitions and a quiz act. However, you always decide for yourself what you want to advertise.

The forms of remuneration are very different here. Sometimes you get a fee already when your website was accessed via your link, but sometimes only when someone has entered into a form or made a purchase. When billing for clicks you can count on 1000 clicks with a fee of 4 – 10 dollars.

Bonuses earn by watching Youtube videos

Bonuses earn by watching Youtube videosIf you could earn cash some time ago by watching Youtube videos, you can now only earn a virtual currency, which can be exchanged for rewards. However, the system is very simple: You watch videos on Youtube and get paid for each video. To test whether the video was really viewed, some questions must be answered after each spot.

Not only is this, but not real money also can be earned is a disadvantage, and the amount of compensation is relatively low. Up to 10 cents are earned for watching a video. Assuming an average length of the video of 3 minutes, you could earn just two euros per hour. Whether that really worth it, everyone has to decide for themselves.

Clicks and advertising

With clicks and advertising, you can also make money online. There are different procedures here. Sometimes it’s enough if you only look at an advertisement, but it may also be that you have to open a mail or click on a banner. All possibilities, how you can supplement your income with clicks on the side, we show you here.

Improve your earnings with clicks on ads

Improve your earnings with clicks on adsOne way to earn serious money online is by clicking on appropriate advertisements. On platforms such as ClixSense, you can improve your income on a paid-to-click basis. You will be credited a certain amount for each click on a particular ad. These are, however, cents amounts. Even for small pocket money, you have to click a lot of ads.

Paid emails as a lucrative part-time job

Paid emails as a lucrative part-time jobThe principle of paid emails works quite similar to the ads. Here you are paid to open and read an e-mail.

However, the earnings are also limited here. You can earn between 0.5 and 5 cents per mail. For nice pocket money, you have to send so many relative mails. That’s why I recommend you to create an extra mail account.

To be paid for surfing the internet

To be paid for surfing the internetMake money on the internet just by surfing? This works out! While at the turn of the millennium you could easily make one Euro per hour, this “job” is not so lucrative anymore. For those who surf a lot anyway, a little pocket money can still be earned today.

Promote friends and receive cash or bonuses

Promote friends and receive cash or bonusesThe principle of “Referring Friends” is mainly known from magazines subscriptions, but also works in various places on the Internet. The principle is to recommend someone a product or service and receive a credit or reward on successful completion. In many cases, you do not have to be a customer with the respective provider, but sometimes that is the requirement.

The allowances here depend mostly on the value of the corresponding product and range between 5 and 50 dollars. Sometimes you only have the option to choose between rewards or vouchers.

Access homepages and earn money on the internet

Access homepages and earn money on the internetThis principle of making money works much like calling ads. You go to the homepage of a website and get paid for it. To make sure that a person actively calls these websites, some providers use controls, for example, to click on a specific button or enter a code.

You do not need any knowledge for this side job. All you have to do is visit appropriate websites. The remuneration here, however, is in the cent range. So you have to go to a lot of sites to earn a little pocket money.

Trading & Gambling

Another way to make money online is through trading or gambling. You can create your own products and sell them. You probably spend a lot of time and have no guarantee that this time really pays off. But you do not lose money directly. When trading money or gambling, however, special caution is required, because usually, it is always about your own money. Think twice so if you really want to use your money, because in the worst case you lose everything.

Make money with stock speculation

Make money with stock speculationStock speculation is about buying stocks cheaply and then selling them profitably as prices rise.

To be able to earn money like that, you first have to buy stocks with your own money. You should be aware that in the worst case you will lose money. However, if your plan goes up and the price of the stock goes up again, you can sell your stock profitably.

For stock speculation, you should never act on “good luck”. In order to earn the money, you must first inform yourself in detail about individual companies and markets in order to assess your chances realistically.

Dividends as additional income

Dividends as additional incomeIn addition to stock speculation, you can of course also make money with the dividends of a share. But of course, you have to invest your own money in various stocks.

Again, you should be aware that a stock can not only gain in value but also lose value. You can not always count on a fixed amount for dividends as this value always depends on the financial year.

Sell your own eBook

Sell your own eBookYou like to write stories, guidebooks or non-fiction books? Then you can use it online to provide extra income. For example, you can publish and sell this eBook for free at Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

The earning possibilities are very different here. First and foremost, it does not depend on your selling price, but above all on how often your eBook is purchased.

Develop and sell apps

Develop and sell appsFor those who like to program in their spare time, it can be quite lucrative to develop your own app and sell it.

Earning money with an app is not only about the retail price, but also about advertising in the app. However, to make a lot of money with an app, you really have to land a cracker that appeals to many different people at the same time.

Earn money online with your own themes

Earn money online with your own themesIf you have a knack for designing and programming websites, you can use this talent to not only develop websites for yourself or customers but also create themes for users of a particular content management system. Especially worthwhile are of course the large systems, such as WordPress, because here the audience is of course much larger.

The prices that you can ask for a theme depend mainly on its scope and features. At ThemeForest, a theme for WordPress is between $ 20 and $ 60.

Homemade selling online

Homemade selling onlineOf course, besides eBooks, themes or apps you can also sell all other homemade products online. You can, for example, make your own jewelry or your own clothes, but also decorative items and small furniture sell very well.

You can determine your earnings with your product price yourself. Of course, you should also keep an eye on your direct competitors. If you offer your products disproportionately expensive, no one will buy from you.

Sell used things online

Sell used things onlineDo you have books, electronics or other things around you that you no longer need? Then you can easily turn these into money online. Here are two options:

1- To sell by himself

Of course, you can easily sell your products yourself via well-known platforms like eBay and Co. You can either start an action here or choose a fixed price. For some platforms, you can sell for free, for others, depending on the purchase price, a fee.

2- Use purchase exchanges

If you do not want to take care of the picture, the product description, etc. and get rid of things as quickly as possible, you can also use purchase exchanges. These are available in virtually every product area. It should be noted, however, that the purchase value is usually below the actual sales value.

Play online lottery

Play online lotteryYou can not make money with the lottery, but you can win some luck. Meanwhile, you do not have to go into the lottery business of his confidence but can also play the online lottery. The advantage is that of course, you are very flexible. In addition, many sites offer new customers special promotions, such as a free tip.

Note: Lotto is a game of chance. Of course, lotto games are not a substitute for a secure income, and gambling can be addictive.

Sell photos on the Internet

Sell photos on the InternetDo you have a website, you will surely buy images from appropriate image databases like iStockphoto every now and then. Not only website owners do that, but also for larger advertisements, pictures are often bought online. If you are a good photographer, you can use that to get involved in the image databases and generate a lucrative additional income. However, the competition in the large image databases is high, which is why your pictures as well as technically as well as creatively should be very good.

The earning possibilities are very different at Stock Photos. Not only the prices differ and are also dependent on factors such as the download size of an image, but also on the size of the commission through the corresponding image database. With the sale of photos, you have the opportunity to earn a solid income. However, much work needs to be done to build a large and attractive portfolio.

Earn money with sports bets

Earn money with sports betsIn addition to the classic gambling game “Lotto“, you can also make money with betting. Right up there are sports bets. Just like any other game of chance, you can also invest more money in sports betting than actually get out of it and make big losses so quickly.

As with stock speculation, it is important not to start mindlessly and to inform oneself extensively about the respective teams, sports or players.

Make money with your own plugins

Make money with your own pluginsDo you use WordPress you will surely use one or the other plugin? As you may know, you can find not only free plugins but also paid plugins that offer a lot of functions.

With good and helpful plugins you can make a lot of money. Of course, you have to create a plugin for an area in which there are no or no good free solutions. The price of a plugin depends mainly on the scope. As a rule, plugins sell in a price range of about 5 to 100 euros.

Play online games

Play online gamesNot only as a game tester, you can be paid for gambling, but also when playing a game as normal. Of course, this is not possible with every game, but with individual online games, that is possible.

Games, where this is possible, are called skill games. This is always about being as good as possible. Incidentally, this also depends on your income. The better you are, the more money you can earn. However, this method is relatively expensive, since you have to practice before you can earn your first income.

Making Passive Money Online

Making Passive Money OnlineWhile I’m at the beach in Spain or snowboarding in Austria, I always earn money without having to do anything about it.

Why it is like that? Because I have built up an online business that automatically generates a passive income for me. So I earn money even if I do not actively work. That’s a big advantage, but this method brings with it even more benefits:

Of course, I would like to deprive you of the disadvantages here as well. However, they are really limited:

Passive income is just right for you if you’d rather spend time with your family than sit in the office between 9 am – 5 pm, like to travel or make your life flexible.

Just as with active income, there are also different ways of online money making in the passive variant:

Before I introduce you to these methods, I’d like to show you a graph that illustrates the rough process of generating a passive income:

This monetization infographic shows you the rough steps you need to take in building an online business. First of all, it’s about finding a suitable topic or niche where you want to build your business. Then you should decide how you want to make money online. I will introduce you to the individual methods. Then it can already go to the implementation. This is about, for example, to build a website or a corresponding e-mail Funnel. Of course, you also have to make sure that your potential target group learns about your project. This can be done, for example, via relevant rankings in the search engines or paid ads on Facebook & Co.

But now for the methods with which you can generate a passive income online:

Earn Money Online with Email Marketing

Affiliate marketing via e-mail seems to be the easiest way to make money online. Let’s look at what affiliate marketing actually means.

Affiliate marketing means that you apply for a product and get a certain percentage or amount of sales from the seller as a commission for your advertising work per sale.

With affiliate marketing via email marketing, you build up a topic-relevant email list, which you then supply with high-quality information and advertise products here and there. At first, you build a Landing page on which the interested parties can then register. A landing page is a page to which your audience is directed. This site has to be convincing.

The next challenge is to guide people to your landing page. With a landing page, of course, you can not get into the search engines, so you have to actively ensure that your target audience on your site and this is in this case only through advertisements, for example, on Facebook or Google.

Read Also:

But now we are already facing the next problem: Your target group will find an advertisement on your website. But how do you get your e-mail address? Maybe you think it’s enough if you simply insert an e-mail form from Klick Tip or another e-mail marketing provider on your landing page, but let’s face it, would you just leave your e-mail address in a form? I guess no. In order to persuade the target group nevertheless, one can have a page. Use lead magnets. This can be, for example, a thematically appropriate eBook or a video with interesting and high-quality content. The important thing is that your target group has the feeling that they need to have the lead magnet. Then you have the e-mail address almost certainly.

Make money online with niche sites

You’ll probably read the term “niche page” one or the other time. But what exactly is that?

Creating a niche site is usually a small thematic area and is thus aimed very precisely at a target group.

Niche sites can actually exist in any subject area. It does not matter if a site deals with a product, a location or a specific technique, the only thing that matters is that there is a target audience at all.

The advantage of a niche site is that the competition is usually not very big due to the very special topics. This gives you the opportunity to quickly and easily climb the Google rankings.

In order to earn money with a niche site, use affiliate links. For example, Products from Amazon like suitable courses or eBooks.

Sell your own products

You can not only promote foreign products but of course, you can also make money online with your own products. If you’re a real expert in your field, you can create an eBook or video course on your topic, for example. You can then promote this yourself through your niche site, but you can also get other sites on the commission to advertise your products.

The goal of own products is that create a product, which is valid as long as possible. So you put work into this product and you want to sell it online for as long as possible to get maximum profits.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing – sell info products quickly & easily

One source of sales you should not forget to sell your own ebooks or paperbacks is Amazon. With Kindle Direct Publishing, you can easily sell your own eBooks through Amazon.

The advantage of Amazon is that you hardly have to advertise your book here. Every day, millions of people search Amazon for the right information and just when you publish your eBooks in very specific niches, you can quickly find them on the first page.

Create Authority Sites

Authority sites are very complex sites whose goal is not necessarily just to make money, but above all to place themselves as an expert in an industry.

Authority Site topics are broad. That’s why authority sites are usually very large as well. Basically, you can imagine that an authority site is not just about a niche, but about several niches grouped together under one main topic.

Of course, this is much more work than creating a small niche site, but having a very rich page with top content has a good chance of being viewed by Google as an authority. As a result, good rankings are easier and new content is generally included in the top rankings faster.

Making money online through Authority Sites works just like the niche side does. You can work great here with relevant products or advertisements. However, if you have built up your authority on a topic area, the creation of your own products should also be envisaged.

Affiliate Marketing via Social Media

Incidentally, to do affiliate marketing you do not necessarily have to have a website or email list to write to. A simple social media profile, such as a Facebook page, is quite sufficient here.

But how does the principle work? Basically, that’s easy.

There are people who earn their money to post top online shop offers (for example from Amazon) on their own Facebook fan page. For this purpose, of course, an affiliate link (affiliate link) of Amazon & Co. is used so that the person gets a commission should someone buy the product directly through his post.

Basically, the people are really just looking for top deals and then sharing them on Facebook with their fans. It does not have to worry about a website.

As with all other affiliate systems, this only works if a fan page has fans at all. Otherwise, no one sees the posts and then, of course, nobody can buy a product via the partner link.

The advantage of using affiliate marketing on social media is that you do not have to spend a lot of time on a website or an e-mail list. However, such a site is a lot of work, because you have to constantly find the best deals. In addition, your postings are only very briefly visible. Unlike a well-placed niche entry in the search engine, your Facebook post cannot be easily found.

Make money on the internet with your own online shop

First, I would like to point out that an online shop is strictly speaking not a passive income. You can not count your own shop but you can not count on the active methods of making money online. After all, you’re not paid by the hour at an online store, your earnings depend on how much you sell. However, work must be actively done for this. Orders must be processed and products shipped. The online shop is, therefore, an “intermediate”.

The online shop is already a kind of “king discipline“, because as simple as a website you have not created a professional shop. Here it requires one or the other pre-investment. Be it for technical issues, such as the shop itself, or the products that you want to offer in your shop.

Then there is still a kind of business plan to develop. First of all, you need to know which industry you want to go to. Then you have to worry about the warehouse management and of course the order processing. Also, you should not disregard the search engine optimization, because a shop without visitors can generate no income for you.

So you can see that there are many different areas working together here. However, if you have found a popular niche for your shop and make sure that constantly find new highly interested visitors to your shop, this can be a profitable way to make money online.

My Extra Tip: Easy to build websites with Thrive Architect

Whether you want to build a passive income with a niche site or with your own products – you absolutely need a website.

But there is a big problem: Creating a website yourself is not so easy and leaving a pro to work costs a whole lot of money.

I’d like to recommend Thrive Architect to you. This is a visual editor for WordPress that lets you easily create your own website by dragging and dropping. Take a look now:

Making money on the internet – My Experience

Often, people asked about my experience and how to to make money on the Internet.

When I heard about passive income for the first time, I was skeptical and could not believe it could really work.

By coincidence, I became a “victim” of passive income and earned money without doing anything for it. I would like to share my experiences with you here.

First of all to myself: I have been active on the Internet or computer business for over 20 years. Here I could acquire the knowledge with which I meanwhile, earn money on the internet.

To be honest, I have more or less slipped into my most successful online business. At first, I started to build my own blog about Online Marketing (the Makhan site). Simply because I wanted to share my knowledge and also to document. Making money was definitely not the priority here.

I’ve written here about blogging, affiliate marketing, online businesses, products or tools, I’ve occasionally built affiliate links and have managed to make my first money online. This is now almost four years ago, but the screenshot of my first commission I have until today:

A little more than $114 may not sound like much, but the first revenue is always something very special (and a bottle of champagne to toast was always in it;)).

Of course, after the first revenue came in, my motivation was infinitely high. In the near future, I have mainly devoted myself to affiliate marketing. I have also reported good eBooks about online marketing or video courses.

In the summer holiday 2015, I then thought about why I put my time are in other products to promote. In the area of online marketing and SEO, I brought with me enough information from my professional life and the demand was high. So I was able to give my readers real professional tips and instructions along the way. Here I decided to write an eBook. After just under two weeks, the first draft of the book was entitled “” and after just under 4 weeks, the book was already completed.

My advantage was that through the online marketing site I had both built up a good email list and the readers appreciated the quality of my content and strategies. So at first I did not use expensive advertising and placed a reference to my “SEO in 7 Easy Steps“ only on my website and informed the email subscribers in a newsletter about it. So I managed to sell 33 copies of the eBook a 79 $ in the first week alone. Because of the fact that I had no advertising costs, I not only had my working hours out of these sales but also made a decent profit in one week.

As you may know, today I am not only selling the “SEO in 7 Easy Steps”, but also many other eBooks and courses.

So you see, with work, a good deal of motivation and perseverance, you can not only make money on the internet, but you can also gradually increase your sales. Healthy growth is exactly what you need if you want to live on your passive income in the future.

The Big Online Money Making FAQ

In the last few weeks, I have received many questions about the topic of “Ways to Make Money Online”. I have collected all these questions and would like to present them here including my answers.

Do you have further questions? Then leave me a comment, contact me in the Online Marketing Site Facebook group or write me a message directly.

I want to make money on the internet, but how should I start?

If you want to earn something or in the future even earn your income completely online, you should start at all. The first step should be that you think about which method you want to use to earn money on the internet. I would recommend you to take a passive income measure here.

Are the methods you presented serious?

Clearly, you can not answer this question, because of course, it always depends on how you raise your project and with whom you work together.

Of course, it is not serious to advertise with false promises or to write false ratings and tests. But as already mentioned, this is an action that would emanate directly from you. Basically, you have it in your own hands if your online money making is legal.

Also, you should pay attention to which products you apply and with whom you work together. Because, of course, you can find many black sheep on the internet, others just want to pull the money out of their pockets. Of course, you should not support them by promoting their products. So if someone offers you an opportunity to earn money quickly, you should take a closer look.

This is less the case for physical products, but there are really many products that are not good at eBooks or online courses. If somebody contacts me regarding the advertising of a product, I always let myself have access and look at the product myself. Only if I’m convinced, for example, I write a product test or recommend the product on my website.

How can I make money online as fast as possible?

If you want to be paid right away for your “work” on your online business, passive money making is definitely not for you. Depending on which method you use, you have to invest time here before your work pays off.

If you want to make money fast online, you need to resort to an active method, such as correcting the lyrics or other micro jobs.

How can you make money on the side?

If you want to make money on the side you have to choose a method that you are as flexible as possible. This affects both the location and the time factor. For example, if you want to make money from stocks, that would not be the best option, because you often have to react quickly.

Niche sites are a good method to make money. Here you work completely independently and only need a laptop / PC with internet connection. Accordingly, you can work when and where you want.

How to earn money without work?

It is simply not possible to earn money without work. No matter which way you choose, you have to invest work.

I have a niche site but just cannot get visitors. How can I make sure my site is found?

In the long term, your goal should be for your site to find matching keywords on Google. How to do that you can read here, for example. Especially with completely new websites, however, it can take some time to achieve a ranking for a relevant search term. That’s why you should put a lot of time into the traffic during this time.

With paid advertisements on Facebook or Google can achieve Traffic streams. The big disadvantage you have probably already noticed: You have to pay for the ads, of course, money.

So basically you pay for every visitor. Not always makes sense and sometimes you just do not want to spend money on it. That’s fine too because luckily there are other ways to drive traffic to a page.

Do I have to register for a business if I want to earn money online?

Of course, as soon as you want to make money online with your own business, you also need to sign up for a trade. But do not worry, that sounds a lot more complicated than it is. You can read all about it in this article by Bonek.

Can you get rich on the internet?

Theoretically yes. If you have different niche or authority sites that run super well, you can fully automatically generate a good income without having to work actively for every penny.

How do I earn money with a blog?

There are different possibilities. The classic way here is affiliate marketing. However, bloggers today also often earn money through product placement or cooperation. You can read more about How To Create A Blog For FREE That Earns You Money

How much money can I earn with a niche site?

Exactly numbers nobody can call you before, because that depends on different factors:

Should I prefer to run affiliate marketing or sell my own products?

There is no reason to limit yourself to affiliate marketing or just your own products. Of course, you can do both. By the way, you can also promote physical as well as digital products. Basically, you have no limits here.

Can I make money from home with your techniques?

You can run an online business from anywhere in the world where you have a laptop and an internet connection. So you can of course also make money from home, but for example, even if you are on vacation. You should not tie with a fixed location.

How do I find out if a shop or a product offers a partner program?

Most you will find that on the respective (often in the footer) noted. Here you can find links like “Affiliate Program” or “Join Affiliate Program”. If you do not find something like this, a search on Google can help. Simply enter the name of the shop and the term affiliate program or affiliate here. If you do not think so, you can also contact the operator directly.

Read Also: ?

Also for digital products such as eBooks, courses or tools, there are very often affiliate programs. You earn better than the affiliate programs of online shops such as Amazon and Co. Again, you often find a reference to the website to the product. In part, however, the platforms through which the products are distributed (for example, Digistore24) also offer a marketplace with the affiliate programs.

Conclusion: You too can earn money online

Here are some tips on how to make money online. Especially with unpredictable and risky things like gambling or stock trading you should always proceed very carefully and conscientiously.

Personally, I can recommend you with your knowledge or yours to be able to make money online. For example, write an eBook, develop a high-quality niche site, sell a design or a tool online. Do you sell a product can not just drop your source of income as it is for example in gambling? Of course, there is also a lot of work in it. So you see, you have to invest time and passion to earn money safely and legally online.

Do you know other methods? Then just let us know in the comments. We also like to link to a detailed guide or a test report from you.

Did this post help you? Then I would be very happy if you rated this article with five stars and recommend it to your friends and acquaintances. Click on the share buttons to share easily. Thank you.

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