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what'' s up what'' s up what ' s up this is joseph benjamin from the money keg affiliate com and today i wish to reveal you 3 really tested affiliate marketing methods ensure to drive traffic and make you cash beginning today now put on'' t be deactivated by how easy generating income with affiliate items can be if you utilize these easy marketing methods that i'' m going to be showing you to promote your affiliate programs you will be an affiliate marketing super star in no time the very first marketing technique that i suggest for all newbies and it'' s one that i still personally utilize today is for marketing generally for marketing resembles a conversation board and it'' s simply generally you getting in touch with individuals who have comparable interests and the affiliate items or items that you have an interest in offering yourself so that can be you understand like a diet plan program or a video game muscle program or a dating specific niche program you would target these types by going on google and putting and state for instance dating dating types and after that you simply search for dating online forums and the objective is to discover the most popular types that gets one of the most traffic which is quite simple to discover due to the fact that it'' ll be on the very first page and simply begin taking part in asking concerns on the online forum and simply type of getting the entire neighborhood included and you can likewise develop subjects if you are well notified about the specific niche that you'' re targeting in your affiliate marketing company you can develop subjects and you understand and simply develop like a like an useful how-to guide within a subject itself distribute complimentary details alright this is you can likewise put your site at the bottom of the post which is called a signature file the you put on'' t wish to spam you put on ' t wish to spam the post simply to get your your signature link seen due to the fact that i put on'' t desire you to go to any types begin simply placing on installing a lot of worthless posts and and you understand individuals they may prohibit you from the deform itself completely so you type of wish to be discreet about it you'' re there to assist individuals and to provide individuals suggestions and'suggestions on the subject that they ' re thinking about which takes place to be the items that you are promoting so naturally i suggest you you understand if you wish to prior to you put your signature link and i absolutely suggest you develop your list prior to you send them over to your affiliate page or develop a landing page or an evaluation page of the item that you'' re thinking about offering and simply type of direct individuals and inform your visitors on what they'' re taking a look at prior to they click your link to purchase from you alright from your affiliate link alright so proceed and simply go to post marketing post marketing is actually cool due to the fact that it produces a great deal of passive earnings I understand you'' ve heard that you understand there'' s individuals out there who make like lots of cash from post marketing the technique is to send several of them you understand you can'' t get the type of outcomes that the majority of these individuals receive from sending out a couple of short articles you actually need to follow producing short articles whether you do them yourself or you outsource it to another person for 3 or 4 dollars a short article and have them do it for you so you can take the short articles that they send you after you'' ve paid them and you can put it send it straight to alleviating short articles which is what I extremely suggest ezinearticles com for submission of all your short articles and I suggest for all newbies now I'' m going to inform you in advance that sending short articles to alleviating short articles they have I wish to state stringent policies however they are the timeless post marketing submission directory site like you can'' t get away with attempting to promote affiliate items in a short article due to the fact that the method you'' re going to promote your items or your site rather is through the link at the bottom your resource box of what they call it at the bottom of the post however you can'' t do any type of promo within post itself unless you'' re doing a sincere evaluation of the item that you'' re wanting to promote however you can likewise you can not straight you can'' t straight send out individuals to your affiliate page you understand if you'' re offering a weight-loss how to drop weight type of ebook you can'' t send out individuals straight to their due to the fact that they ' re not going to even enhance your short articles a great deal of individuals get puzzled about this and they put on'' t understand what ' s going on they quit however they put on ' t understand that it ' s even if you understand they put on ' t permit affiliate links straight in your site you can promote affiliate items however you got to send them to either a landing page or a capture page to record leads and develop your list and after that you can send it to the the your affiliate item of option it simulates I state it needs a bit of develop front however it continues to drive complimentary traffic to your site for numerous months so a number of years often even a life time if your short articles are actually excellent now put on'' t be daunted by composing short articles it'' s really simple to do if you are it ' s specifically simple to do if you have some type of understanding about the specific niche that you'' re targeting so absolutely think about either composing them yourself or working with another person to do it and just merely get some practice in because when you begin composing your very first post you have experience from time to time you'' ll be you have self-confidence to compose your 2nd post your dirt post your 4th post and usually what I do is I right to 3 short articles a day and I send them to alleviating short articles and I do other things with the short articles to get back at more direct exposure however you'' re going to get lots of traffic simply from sending out em 2 to 3 short articles a day if you do that for a month you have nearly 100 300 short articles and the alleviating post directory site and you'' re going to get lots of complimentary traffic and lots of complimentary leads from simply this post marketing technique next we'' re going to go to a paid marketing technique called paperclip pay-per-click marketing it produces incredibly quick traffic and it can be really really targeted alright really particular pay-per-click a few of you currently understand you see every day when you go to google com those advertisements at the top prior to you put in search on the sides that'' s pay-per-click advertisements and those individuals are paying a particular quantity of cash per click normally in between depending upon what type of great you'' re entering what type of keywords your argument in between 10 cents to align to twenty dollars per click which is quite outrageous however it can be worth it if you are targeting a particular specific niche and you understand that it'' s going to produce outcomes for you so because method that regard it is dangerous and it can be really pricey if you put on'' t do it right due to the fact that like I state it can be really pricey you can in fact establish a project and forget that you established a project and after that you understand you return later on 10 minutes later on and you simply lost 3 hundred dollars and you put on'' t understand where that thing ' s others went due to the fact that you wasn'' t viewing your project so if you have more guys than time to grow your company online this might be an actually excellent choice for you I put on'' t suggest it for newbies however i have actually seen newbies who have actually utilized this technique pay-per-click marketing and have actually ended up being enormous success with it however they were really cautious so if you'' re going to utilize pay-per-click marketing be really really cautious so if you sanctuary'' t thought currently this is a video that has actually been unscripted and I simply type of wind it I actually wish to get this details out there to you and ideally you understand you take among these techniques either the online forum marketing post marketing or pay-per-click marketing and check out among these or more of these or all 3 of them and actually focus your energy on mastering these post I imply these are these marketing methods so that'' s it in the meantime is striking a 8 minute mark and I will speak to you later on

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