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Make money online in Nepal: Many people interested in that topic at this time. And they working on online for earn cash, success rate is very low. Compare to other developing countries, in our country have very few opportunities for earning money online. Many people waste their time online for earning but they can’t earn cash. I suggest that if you are in Nepal do not work on any GPT, PTC & survey sites, because we can’t get a good offer on them. Never invest in PTC sites, I got loose on them. Before starting work on any sites first check the payment method, payment proof, site reviews.

8 Easy ways to Make money online in Nepal

Here are the some best and easy ways to earn money online in Nepal. One big problem in Nepal is the payment method, We can’t receive our PayPal payment in Nepal. So you can create or verify PayPal account using other countries. But if you earn money from Facebook, YouTube, blogging with AdSense same other sites you don’t have to need PayPal, You can withdraw your payment on your bank account.

1. Blogging

Really blogging is the best or all in one online earning way. A blog is an online personal diary or a book. It is a place to express yourself to the world. We can do affiliate marketing, CPA marketing, Google Adsense monetize and Facebook audience network monetize with blogging.

How to earn money online in Nepal from the blog? First decided that what you want to do with blogging “affiliate marketing, CPA marketing, ads monetize” Choose your blog topic, buy the domain name, create a wonderful blog, Optimize SEO, add content, share or promote your blog on social media, create backlinks. When you getting traffic to your blog, you can earn with your blog by your method. Blogging is the best ways to make money online in Nepal.

Many types of content you can’t share on social media. If you are an affiliate marketer, if you want to make money with link shortener you can’t share that link directly on top social media sites. So if you have your own blog you can do that with your blog. The blog gives you the best opportunity to express you.

With blogging, you can’t earn money fast. If you create a new blog today you can start earning money with that blog after 5/6 months. Because first 10/15 days take to set up your blog. Then you need to add some content on your blog, you need to optimized SEO, create backlink after that Google takes 2/3 months to rank your blog. After that google rank your blog on the first page if your content has genuine, and SEO optimized. After start getting traffic from Google you can apply Google AdSense for add ads on your blog. Then if that approve you can earn with Adsense on your blog. Read more

You can do anything on blog affiliate marketing, our own business, advertising etc. But you need genuine traffic to earn money through blogging.

2. Freelancing

Make money online in Nepal as a freelancer: This is another genuine way for online money making. If you interested about it . have you any type of digital knowledge? You can earn as a freelancer. { Oh NO,} Are you interested? ! It’s enough.I will provide you all ways how to make money from freelancer.

A freelancer is a self-employed person who offers services. Freelance is the biggest online marketplace. Where to buy and sell services. Have you any knowledge about “Blog Writing, Photo Editing, Data Entry Internet Marketing, Logo Designing Etc, “You can be a freelancer.

How to be a freelancer? Go to any freelancer website create your won completed profile, Add a Profile picture, headline and description about you, portfolio, education, working experiences, skills and all. First, make sure your profile is 100% completed. (freelancer.com, fiverr.com, upwork.com are the most popular freelancer site ) Then bid on the order in low rates to increase the chance to select your bid . When you complete 4 /5 order with 5-star rating then you can get the unlimited order and you can earn lots of money as a freelancer.

Make Money with Fiverr. That is different to Freelancer and Up-Work. There you need to create a GIG. GIG is your services details which you share on Fiverr. In their first things you need to create attractive GIG with the suitable keyword

When you get traffic on your GIG, Your chance to get orders. If you don’t get the order after getting some traffic 10-20 daily click! You need to do another one thing. Create other 2/3 Fiverr account and proceed to order on your gig yourself and complete order with the 5-star rating and good reviews. After doing, that surely you got the order. Then You can earn on fever.

As a freelancer without working
I can’t create a logo or I don’t want to work, But I have gig about graphic design or logo design if I get order: I will give this order to another person who can do this in low price 5$ I already received this order in 15$. This is another way to earn with the freelancer. Read more

Lots of freelancer sites are in online Choose best do best and earn lots of money.

3. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing in Nepal. This is the one best way to earn money online, Affiliate Marketer can earn unlimited money. Promoting for earn commission that called Affiliate. If you want to do Affiliate for make money affiliate marketing, You need an online market or marketing place like Website, Blog, Facebook page, Twitter anyone.

Any person can make money affiliate marketing. That is the just simple work! Don’t require any special skill for doing affiliate marketing. If you have any social account with some likes or followers you can do. That is the best and easy way to make money online fast.

Choose your best product: First decide that what type of product or services you can sell or promote in your market.
Research affiliate programs: Which is the Suitable affiliate program for you, there are lots of option. “Amazon, ClickBank” are the best and popular.
Join an affiliate program: It’s almost always free of charge to join an affiliate program, Join your Suitable affiliate program.
Get the link and start promoting: Copy your product or services link & promote that on your marketing place with your content { Facebook, Twitter, Blog, YouTube, } Or you can your paid traffic from Facebook ads or Google AdWords.  Read more 

4. Facebook

Facebook is the biggest social in the world. Everybody in here. Facebook is the best opportunity for any online worker or who want to do business online. There are lots of real ways for how to earn money from Facebook in Nepal?

how to earn money from Facebook in Nepal?

Many peoples are interested in online earning from Nepal. Lots of ways are available for online earning. But must of people start working on fake or scam sites. So they can’t earn. Facebook is the one genuine way to earn money online. You can start earning using FB in many different ways. Bellow the some most important ways for how to earn money from Facebook in Nepal.

Marketplace: This is one of the simplest ways to make money on Facebook. Just create one professional, attractive buy/sell group add targeted people, sell your product by Facebook this is the simplest online trade.

As A Traffic Driver: You can send targeted traffic from Facebook to your link. If you are a blogger, you can increase your blog traffic through Facebook, if you are a digital marketer or you can increase your selling/lead.

Facebook Ads: If you have a Facebook page with thousands of flowers you can directly earn from Facebook. Facebook develop release new feature “audience network” anyone can monetize the blog with Facebook audience network. It, s like to Google Adsense, After monetizing your blog with Facebook audience network by the Facebook page, Facebook showing ads on your blog post for the Facebook mobile visitor, Facebook pay you for that’s ads. Video monetize with Facebook creators. Facebook audience network

Affiliate marketing: You can do affiliate marketing using Facebook. Promote your affiliate product or services on your page or group. You can increase your sell/lead with Facebook traffic. How to get started? Create your affiliate account on any affiliating site. “Amazon, Click-bank” Go to your favorite affiliate program, Create your own account, Select your best product or services, copy the link of that product or services and post your page or group with your content. When your product or service is sold you get the commission on your affiliate account.

Fiver: Earn money with Fiver by Facebook. Go to Fiverr.com and create your account with the attractive profile. Then Create a gig with the suitable title (I Will Drive Real Unlimited Traffic, Visitors From Facebook) description and image. When you start getting orders on your gig, complete & deliver the order and earn on the fiver.

Link Shortener: This is another way to earn money on Facebook. You can share any funny post video or any news with Paying URL shorter “Adfly, LinkShrink ”  How to start? Just go to your link Shortener site, create your account, Convert any posts video or news link to URL shortened link and post that link on your FB page groups profile, or anywhere. You can earn every 1000 views = 1$ to 5$ It depends on your URL shorter.

Blogging: If you have a blog you can share your blog post on your FB page and group to increase your blog visitors and earning. if you haven’t blog create new blog optimize & add content on your blog, share on FB. Then monetize your blog with Google Adsense / Facebook audience network.

5. YouTube

how to earn money from YouTube in Nepal? YouTube is the second big website or search engine in the world. In there more than one billion unique users a month. So If you want to earn money on online, YouTube is most important to promote your business, increase your earning. With YouTube monetization every 1,000 views, you will be able to get an approximate return of $2-$4.But That is not the only way for YouTube earning.

how to earn money from YouTube in Nepal step by step below

Create and Setup your YouTube channel: Just go to YouTube homepage, click sign in button, sign in with your Gmail account, If you don’t have a Google or Gmail account you can create your free Gmail account. Then you can create your YouTube channel with your Google account. Choose your channel name, then create your own YouTube channel. Add an attractive profile and cover picture. Now you have owned your YouTube channel for earning money online.

Add content: This is the most important step. You need to impress your audience, so upload original and quality content, which can impress your audience. Gain a lot of subscribers, create your goodwill. Upload videos regularly, reply comment.nYou need to be close to your audience to increase your subscribers.

Monetize your videos: After creating and uploading several videos on your YouTube channel, it’s time to join the YouTube Partner Program “Google Adsense.” When you monetize your YouTube videos with Google Adsense, You will start to earn from YouTube.

Note YouTube new monetization policy 1018 : Before Monetize your your channel you need to have 1000+ subscribers4000 hours watched (in last 12 months), 10,000 channel views after then you can Monetize your YouTube channel .

How To Monetization?

Login in your YouTube account
Go to setting
Enable Monetization
Follow the wizard by accepting terms and conditions
Connect your AdSense account with YouTube
And you are done.

Affiliate Marketing: Create a video about any affiliate product or services. What do you want? Describe clearly about that product in the video, Upload that video with the best title, description and that product link. When your video gets 1000 views, minimum chance to sell that product or services 1% of the total visit. If your commission $5 per sell you earned $50. By AdSense, You can earn a maximum of $4 $5 in 1000 views so this is the great way to make money on YouTube.

Link shorteners: This is another easy way to earn money on YouTube. This is the one advertising method on your link. When you share your shortened link on social media, blog or anywhere and got the click on your link you earned money with URL shorteners. almost link shorter companies give you 5$ to 15$ per 1000 views. you can share your link on YouTube.

Blogging: If you have a blog, you can promote your blog on YouTube. You can send an unlimited visitor on your blog from YouTube. Then you can increase earning on your blog

As A Traffic Driver: You can send targeted traffic from YouTube to your link. If you are a blogger, you can increase your blog traffic by YouTube, if you are a digital marketer or you can increase your selling/lead.

6. Domain buy sell

You can earn thousands of dollars in a day with this online business. But you need to verify PayPal account or credit card for doing this business.

How to start domain buy sell business in Nepal?
Search short and meaning full domain name and register that.
GoDaddy is the best for domain registration.
Listing that domain name on domain buy-sell website.
Flippa and GoDaddy are the best domain buy sell websites.
Sell on the premium.

7. Mini-jobs sites

Go to any mini jobs sites, Create your account, Check payment method, Check your jobs and start working to earn money, working on multiple mini jobs sites together to increase your earning. “YouTube-like, Facebook-like, comment, share, free Signup ” do that type of jobs and earn money, best mini jobs sites are microworkers.com, repaidworkers.com, microjobsnepal.com. Mini jibs sites are one easy way to make money online in Nepal.

8. Link Shorteners

If you have a Facebook page, YouTube channel, Twitter account or Blog with many users or if you have online traffic you can easily earn money with link shorteners. When you share your shortened link on social media, blog or anywhere and when you got click on your link you earned money with URL shorteners. almost link shorter companies give you 5$ to 15$ per 1000 views. Choose your best link shortener site. Go there and create your account. Shrink your link. Share that link on social media, blogs or everywhere. When you got Thousands of views on your link you will earn money. Must popular link shorteners sites Adfly LinkShrink.

Bonus tips

Mostly That types of links are blocked on social media. So you can’t directly share that links on social media. So Go to another Link shrink site “https://anyimage.io/” create your account, Shrink your ads link to Image redirect link. Then you can share your ads link on social media with image redirect link.

f you have any questions about making money online in Nepal? Please feel free to ask them in the comment below and I will answer them for you.

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