24 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online - Smart Money Mamas

24 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online – Smart Money Mamas

A few years ago, I thought making money online wasn’t possible, at least for all but the very lucky. I never imagined I would leave my job to freelance write and blog full time. But technology and a high-demand for productive, skilled workers has created many profitable opportunities to make real money from your computer.

If you’re looking for the perfect opportunity, I’ve compiled 24 of my favorite online business ideas that require minimal start-up costs and allow you to use your talents on your own schedule. All you need is a high-speed internet connection, a computer, and the motivation to put in the work. 

Freelance writing is one of the best ways to make money online. You don’t need an English or Journalism degree to do it, and the demand for freelance writers is sky high. Every business needs written content in the form of blog posts, newsletters, sales copy, and more.

Get started by choosing a specialty – what types of topics would you like to learn about – and research what types of online outlets produce that kind of content. Find the editor’s contact information, brainstorm a few article ideas, and send a pitch. It can be helpful to write a couple of articles for free to start, to build your portfolio, but then you’ll have what you need to get paid what you deserve!

Local businesses, real estate agents, restaurants, digital marketers, and many more business owners higher someone to manage their Facebook ads for them. On average, they pay $1,000 a month – plus the cost of ads – for the service. 

Whether you’re a blogger, local business, or significant brand, staying active on social media is a must for creating raving fans. The problem is, it takes a lot of time away from actually running your business. Which is why social media manager is a growing, and often well paying, position.

If you love Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest, do some research on what makes a successful social media profile, and start helping businesses grow their following. Offer packages to get social media profiles set up for companies, create unique posts for their pages, or manage customer comments and questions.

This article from Post Planner, a social media scheduling service, can give you the simple steps to get started.

You can make money design pin templates or one-off designs for bloggers and businesses to help them drive the most traffic possible to their sites.

Have a skill you want to share with the world? An experience you went through where you wished you had had more guidance and now want to help other people on the same journey? 

You can then sell your course easily on , where we host all the Smart Money Mamas courses. The platform is high quality with a reasonable flat monthly fee. And the ability to also sell digital downloads, host webinars, create a membership, and send marketing emails directly from Podia makes it an excellent all-in-one option for creators.

There are so many ways that blogs make money. Through display advertising, affiliate sales, consulting services, a way to market freelance services and by creating and selling their own products and courses. 

But while blogging is possibly the most discussed “make money online” idea out there, yet it takes time to make money with a blog.

Making good money requires building traffic, creating an audience that knows and trusts you, and connect them with products and services that fit their needs. However, while that takes time, mature blogs can be very profitable.

If you have a topic or idea you never get tired of talking about, something you truly want to share with the world, and are willing to show up consistently for your people, blogging could be an excellent fit for you.

Before I started the , I thought podcasting would be so hard. That I would never be able to figure out the audio, that the equipment would be expensive, and that everyone would hate the sound of my voice. But once I jumped in, the only thing I regretted was waiting so long to get started.

A great podcast can make money from sponsorships and affiliate marketing. But in addition, it can be an excellent way to market your own freelance or coaching services, courses, or other products. Similar to blogs, it can take time to make good money with a podcast. You need to build a following, pitch brands, and record high-quality audio.

Luckily, you can get started with very minor costs. Pick a niche, define your show’s mission, and start recording. 

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