16 Ways to Make Money Online [With Proof]

16 Ways to Make Money Online [With Proof]

Why I started making money online?

Upwork is one of the easiest ways to make money online because it's a freelancing site where clients publish a ton of jobs each day.

All you have to do is just make an attractive profile with the right skills you got and start sending the proposals to clients.
Helpful Tip: If you want to impress your Client than I highly recommend you to complete Test Exams in your personal based skills. 
(For example, you want to complete an exam in HTML5, you have to search HTML5 on Test section and you will get the 40 minutes test which contains 40 question, 1 question equals 1 minute)
Once you completed your test, you will get a result and this result will be shown to your 
Now Transcribing jobs are very easy for native English speakers and a little bit difficult for basic English speakers but basic speakers can do General Transcription which is mostly easy to do.
What is Transcribing or Transcription?

Ans: Transcribing or Transcription is a process in which you have to hear an audio file of two humans and write it down in a text format with the correct Grammar.

Isn't that easy? just listen with open ears and write down the text. 
How much Transcription Jobs pays:
There are three types of Transcriptions:
  • General Transcription – pays around 25 Dollar an Hour.
  • Medical Transcription – pays around 50 Dollar an Hour.
  • Law Transcription – pays around 60 Dollar an Hour.

Here is a list of , these sites will give you a starting test, if you get passed on it, you will get the Transcription job.

Affiliate Programs

Website or a Blog

Bitcoin Mining

How Much I can Earn Mining?
Now it depends on the GPU of your Computer. If your PC doesn't have one then get one and start mining and one more thing “The more GPUs you have the more earning you will make”.

Sell With E-Commerce Site

Giving Feedback's

Online Survey 


Captcha Typing

Video Sharing

The easiest way to make money online just by sharing your uploaded videos or movies. All you have to do is just upload movies to this sites and just share it where people watch it.
As you can see in the photo I have uploaded some movies and I'm able to make few bucks as I started now with these sites.
If people watch your videos or movies you will earn money. Just upload movies and share it on Facebook and Reddit. These two platforms will earn you money quickly.
I'm sure that you know about social platform Reddit, there are a subreddits which are only for movies lover just share your links there.


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